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Don’t just rely on your imagination

Experience your new home at 1:1 scale before you even start building

Design 360 is Queensland’s premier digital floor plan projection service. We offer you the opportunity to visualise your PDF floor plans coming to life.

Design 360

Utilising the latest technology, combined with props and movable walls, your floor plans are projected onto the floor of our 665m2 studio in their exact dimensions. This projection allows you to truly visualise your dream home becoming a reality as you “walk through” every room of your home before it’s even built. 

In addition to our walkthrough services, Design 360 also has a stunning Colour Selection Studio which houses hundreds of samples of paint colours, appliances, fixtures and everything in between. Guided by our interior designer, you can see all the possibilities for yourself in the one convenient location. 

Who we work with

“What an absolutely marvelous ingenious piece of technology! We had lived and breathed our floor plan for months, thought we knew it inside and out but after just 2 hours with Ben and Jodie from Design 360 we were able to change a couple of things that transformed our  house plan into our perfect “forever” home.

No one should ever build a house without spending the time and money for this incredible experience. It doesn’t matter who you are building with. The Design 360 team are very capable and extremely qualified to make suggestions and changes for the better.”

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- Dee C

3 Easy Steps to Working with Design 360

Design your dream home with your chosen builder, designer or architect and request a PDF copy of the floor plans. 

Design 360 will take your PDF files and project them at 1:1 scale, complete with props, for you to walk through and evaluate. 

Once you are completely satisfied with your floor plans, let the construction commence. 

To learn how our design team can help you turn your dream home into a reality, simply fill out the form on this page

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at our North Lakes office. Alternatively, you can always give us a call on (07) 3184 3455.

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