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Delivering custom home design and certification services, from start to finish

Dreaming of a home that perfectly matches your design and lifestyle preferences?  

Design 360 is a boutique home design studio specialising in custom homes. Our highly experienced team of designers and certification professionals is here to help turn your dream home into a reality.

Design 360


We offer home buyers a complete, all-inclusive design and certification service. From drafting preliminary concepts through to arranging construction documentation, we take care of every single detail along the way. 

How we do it: We partner with quality consultants and engineers to deliver highly thought-out custom homes. As part of our service, we offer full scale, 1:1 floor plan projection walkthroughs as well as an expansive interior design selections studio.

Home Design

If you have a vision of designing and building a custom home which is uniquely your own, you have two ways of going about it:
Work with a home builder or work with a custom home designer…read more

Plan Certification

The friendly team at Design 360 is fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to design the perfect custom home for you and also arrange the necessary certifications required…read more

Colour & Design Studio

Making decisions about every single detail when designing a custom home can be an extremely time consuming process. At Design 360, we want to make the experience as easy as we can for you…read more

3D Plan Walkthroughs

If you’ve even purchased or designed a home before you’ll know from experience – failing to plan is planning to fail. There are so many decisions to make when designing and building a custom home, it’s natural to want to get everything just right…read more

Design 360 Projects

Design 360
Design 360
Custom Home Designs Brisbane
Custom Home Designs Brisbane
Custom Home Designs Brisbane
Design 360
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