Life sized floor plans

Walk Through Floor Plan Experience

We offer a life sized digital projection of floor plans for you to walk through and make changes in real time as required.

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Went through our house plans using the visual walkthrough with the team at design 360. An absolutely amazing concept that instantly nutted out issues with our plans that would have bothered us for years to come. So glad to have this technology which has made sure our build is exactly the way we envisioned. Changes could be made instantly. Such an exciting, fun and important experience for anybody looking to build their house.

Andrew Lucy

Here at Alphaline Homes we have used this walk through experience several times now with our clients who are all custom build homes ( so no display houses to look around). It is a fantastic tool and really help the clients get a feel for their new home , changes can be made on the spot! would highly recommend the experience to any builder/client.

Sarah Hankins

Colour, Design and Selection Studio

Designing every detail of a custom home has never been so easy. We have the largest studio on the northside of Brisbane.

One Stop Shop

We offer a full scope of design, certification and planning services.

We offer a full scope and range of design, certification and planning services.

  • Architect consultancy
  • Drafting designers
  • Town planning
  • Contour plans
  • Soil testing
  • Engineering
  • Bushfire certification
  • Energy compliance
  • Acoustic engineering
  • Complete selection
  • Colour consultancy
  • Interior design
  • Landscape architecture
  • Estimating services
For Custom Home Builders and their Clients

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