Architects & Builders

Helping your clients finalise their dream home or commercial building has never been so easy.

Design 360 doesn’t just work with home buyers looking to experience a walkthrough of their floor plans. We work with commercial professionals who want to take their designs to the next level and positively guarantee that their clients love every square inch of their home or building. 

Who we work with:

  • Custom home builders who want to ensure their clients are completely happy with every aspect of their floor plans and also give their clients a unique visualisation experience.
  • Commercial builders who specialise in small to large sized buildings such as office buildings, medical practices and retail/hospitality fit outs 
  • Interior designers and architects with clients who want to see and walk their floor plans prior to construction
  • Renovators who want to carefully plan out their renovations in detail and ensure what they are trying to achieve is feasible. 
  • Suppliers who want to grow their builder accounts and generate brand awareness
  • Brokers who can send clients to Design 360 to expand their builder base

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