Digital Life Size Plan Walkthroughs

Help your clients visualise their new home coming to life with our revolutionary projection service.

As you’ve no doubt learned from your years of experience in building homes – failing to plan is planning to fail.

There are so many decisions to make when designing and building a custom home and it’s natural to want to get everything right for your clients. But it can become tricky and expensive when a client wants you to make changes once construction has already started.

In addition to our design and certification services, Design 360 also offers Digital Life Size Plan Walkthroughs. Utilising the latest technology, your clients’ floor plans can be projected onto the floor of our custom-built, 665m2 studio on a 1:1 scale.

This gives your and your clients the opportunity to walk around on the projection to really get a feel for the layout. Clients can evaluate every single detail before signing off on the completed plans. If they aren’t completely happy with something, changes to the layout can be made on the spot and displayed instantly on the projection.

Let’s say they want to see what it would look like if they swapped around the positions of the master and guest bedrooms? That’s not a problem. How about removing the wall between the living and dining areas? Easy!

Deciding on such changes during the design phase will save you a lot of time and your clients a lot of money on potential variations. That’s a win-win for everyone involved and makes for happier customers.

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