Digital Life Size Plan Walkthroughs for Hire

Help your clients visualise their designs coming to life with our revolutionary projection service.

There are so many decisions to make when helping a client design a new home or carry out renovations. As an interior designer, you want to get everything just right for your clients so that they are completely wowed when everything finally comes together.

But the design process can become tricky when a client keeps changing their mind or they seem unsure of what they really want. They may have a particular vision in mind but struggle to articulate it to you.

This is why our Digital Life Size Plan Walkthroughs are such a fantastic tool for interior designers. Utilising the latest technology, your clients’ floor plans can be projected onto the floor of our custom-built, 665m2 studio on a 1:1 scale.

This technology gives you and your clients the opportunity to walk around on the projection to really get a feel for the layout. Clients can evaluate every single detail before signing off on the completed plans. If they aren’t 100% happy with something, changes can be made on the spot and displayed instantly on the projection.

Let’s say your client wants to change the colour of the feature wall in the master bedroom. That’s not a problem. How about swapping out the polished concrete benchtops for natural stone instead? Easy!

Deciding on such changes before any plans are signed off on will save you a lot of time and your clients a lot of money on potential variations. That’s a win-win for everyone involved and makes for happier customers.

Our Digital Life Size Plan Walkthroughs are available for hire at an hourly rate. Just provide us with a PDF of your clients’ plans and we’ll project them to scale on the floor of our warehouse.

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