At Design 360, we’ve helped countless homeowners with custom home design and certification services, from start to finish. In their own words below, a few of our clients share what they think of us, and how we helped create a home for them that perfectly matches their design and lifestyle preferences.

What an absolute marvelous ingenious piece of technology!!!!  We have lived and breathed our plan for months, thought we knew it inside and out but after just 2 hours with Ben and Jodie we were able to change a couple of things that will make our awesome house plan into our perfect “forever” home!!

No-one should ever build a house without spending the time and money for this incredible experience – doesn’t matter who you are building with, this team are very capable and extremely qualified to make suggestions and changes for the better.

Well done and thank you 🙂


Dee Cee

We took our clients here and it was an incredible way for them to visualise and be in their new space. We will be using this service again.


Spencer Constructions

We have had a GREAT Experience with Design 360. This sure is NEXT Generation with the OHP Walk Through 1::1 Scale on Plans. With their Design 360 TEAM – Onsite Architect & Colour Consultant – Literally REAL Time Tweaks for Plans, we could almost accurately Guestimate Floor Plan, Elevation, Door Placements, Bathroom Layouts, Electrical Plan, Facade’, Landscape & Furniture Placements. We sure saved a lot of time with this Next Generation Design 360 CONCEPT & Making Decisions was EASY & Their IN Person EXPERT Advice during the Walk Thru!! Makes all the difference. Also Design 360 is LOADED with all SELECTIONS – From Kitchen Models, Stone, Appliances, Plumbing, Flooring, Cabinetry etc..

We would Say End To End Complete STACK of Required Choices with the Onsite EXPERT Consultants. One ULTIMATE Stop Shop!! KUDOS To Your AWESOME Team Guys!! We look forward to build another project with Design 360 & your Team.


5 STAR!!


Surendhar Raju

So worth it. We were pretty confident in our design plans for a Hampton style house, but when we walked through the rooms we made many positive changes. Ask for Jodie, she was great!


Mirko Rottgers

Great experience for our clients. Helps them understand and builds confidence for their future home. A must for custom builders who don’t have display homes.


Ryan Britton

This place is an absolute must if you’re looking at building or renovating your home. The mapping of your house floor plan in real size gives you the ability to walk though your new house and make changes quickly and easily. Jodie was fantastic, both knowledgeable and helpful in guiding us through our renovation plans. We would recommend this service to everyone.


Rod Gibson

This was such an amazing experience. To be able to see our plans projected and walk through the 1:1 scale of plans with our architect and Jodie from their team was great. To tweak our plans there and then was great. Jodie took notes and made the changes and got the details back to us the same day to prevent delay. Highly recommended it and I’d definitely use them again. Thanks Jodie for all your help too.


Rachael Lihou

We did the walkthrough with design 360 for our new build. We found this incredibly helpful with the 1:1 sizing which helped us refine our layout and make important decisions prior to commencing building. I have no doubt that this will save us costs and time when building. Jodie was incredibly helpful and professional and accommodating. After the meeting they emailed through a copy of all of the scribed notes with changes we had talked about. 100% recommend doing this before building or renovating.


Stephen Kyranis

“Went through our house plans using the visual walkthrough with the team at design 360. An absolutely amazing concept that instantly nutted out issues with our plans that would have bothered us for years to come. So glad to have this technology which has made sure our build is exactly the way we envisioned. Changes could be made instantly. Such an exciting, fun and important experience for anybody looking to build their house.”


Andrew Lucy

“Here at Design 360 we have used this walk through experience several times now with our clients who are all custom built homes ( so no display houses to look around). It is a fantastic tool and really helps the clients get a feel for their new home , changes can be made on the spot! would highly recommend the experience to any builder/client.”


Sarah Hankins

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